Android Vs. IOS – Which should be your preferred?

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At that time, both Android and iOS were the most common terms for professionals and famous users. Android is a Linux operating system designed for smartphones and tablets developed by Google. IOS, on the other hand, is a mobile operating system owned by Apple Inc. developed and distributed.

this report:

First, Android Inc. The company was independent, then Google bought the company in 2005 and sold the first Android smartphone in 2008. Meanwhile, iOS smartphone in 2008 brought only a year before Android for iPhone by Apple Inc.

General details:

Android and iOS operating systems are easy to use. Android is an open source operating system licensed by Google. It is now a global hub. Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry, HTC, and Nokia use Android for their phones. It has almost 75% of the global market share and the total number is 750 devices. Currently the current version of this OS is Android 4.2.

In contrast, Apple owns 31% of the smartphone market. Apple does not grant iOS license for anything other than Apple. Therefore, it is not possible to install iOS on non-Apple devices. Usually, iOS is based on a specific configuration using a number of touchscreens. The current version is iOS 6.1.3


There are various services on Android platforms and iOS. Android is well known for its rich and versatile camera capabilities, voicemail, live effects for video conversion and web browsing. IOS is also great! He has received special complaints about some of his plans such as; Safari. Water, FaceTime, Siri, Account Books, mainly iTunes.


There are about 8,00,0000 apps on Google Pay for Android devices. Apple, on the other hand, has the largest number of apps at around 8,40,000 in its app store. A recent survey by a company called uTest shows that Apple offers the best apps from Google. In data published in the ReadWrite report in the first month of this year, uTest said that the iOS app produced more than 68.5 for the Android app, which received 63.3.

Most used on: internet:

A report by NetMarketShare released in March 2013 shows that iOS smartphone users use the internet more than Android and stand at around 60.1%. The Android platform fell behind iOS and stood at around 24.9%. In addition, other operating systems are more suitable for the internet.

Development time:

Android and iOS are competing. Your current competition is like a fight. Both manufacturers carry this type of application. Google updates Android after about six months and Apple updates iOS after about a year creating a new version.


Android has established its main market in Europe, as does Apple in North America. But these operating systems are leading the world of smartphones; At one point, Android’s vulnerability was over.

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