How To Protect Your Phone From Hacking Your Personal Information

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Smartphones have become indispensable to most individuals; this is because their lives revolve around them. From their business and work, to make payments at the grocery stores. All these are done using smartphones with the help of the internet.

This means that our smartphones will have vital information and data about us such as bank details, personal bio, and so on. And because of our continuous online presence, we are faced with the challenges of hacking and online theft, which bring us to this question.


In this era of cybercrimes and other internet fraudulent acts, it is very possible for our phones to be hacked thereby giving such individuals unrestricted access to every bit of information and data on our Smartphones. With such access, it becomes possible for such an individual to see everything we do. So the question now becomes how do we make sure that our phones aren’t hacked? This brings us to the next heading.


Now that we have already established the fact that our smartphones can be hacked and our personal and confidential information tempered with. The next logical move to make is to find out ways through which we can protect and secure our phones from hackers which includes the following.

  • INSTALL A VPN: VPN is the safest way to protect all personal information stored on your smartphone. VPN secures your smartphone from hackers and other cybercriminals as you surf the Internet on daily basis. With VPN it becomes difficult for hackers to gain access to your phone as you browse the Internet. VPN is very necessary especially if you browse with a router, so ensure you install a VPN on your router. I highly recommend router vpn you can check it out for a free trial, before downloading it by clicking on the rooted link.
  • USE ENCRYPTION: Encryption ensures that you are the only person that has access to your phone, as it prevents unsolicited third-party interference. This is because once your smartphone phone has been Encrypted the data becomes arranged in a hazardous form, which means that it can only be assessed once the correct password has been inputted. Most smartphones that are manufactured currently have Encryption by default. So it becomes easy for you to activate the Encryption, in other to secure all personal and confidential information stored on your smartphone phone. With encryption it becomes virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to your mobile devices, making it one of the safest ways of protecting vital data and information on your smartphone.
  • AVOID PUBLIC WIFI: One of the major reasons why it is pertinent to avoid public WIFI is simply because they are not always protected and secure. What this means is that using public WIFI exposes your smartphone to hackers. So unless you are very certain that the public WIFI you want to use is secure, it is advisable that you don’t use them. Hackers always target this public WIFI, if you still insist on using them ensure you have a VPN installed on your phone.
  • BEWARE OF MALICIOUS EMAIL AND LINKS: The use of malicious emails and links has always been one of the methods adopted by internet fraudsters and other cybercriminals in gaining access to personal information data stored on your mobile device. Most times these emails are framed to look like they are sent from your individual bank, notifying you of an impending bank issue that you have. So in other to resolve such a bank issue you are advised to click on the rooted link inserted in the email. Many unsuspecting individuals have fallen victim to such fraudulent acts. This means you have to be very mindful of the links you click on.
  • KEEP YOUR PASSWORD PRIVATE: Your phone passwords should only be known by you. This way you prevent unsolicited third-party infringement because no one can access your phone without your permission. If you encrypted your smartphone ensures that you know the password to the encryption. Most people make the mistake of using their birthdays as passwords. Rather use strong characters of alphabet and numbers. In this way, it becomes difficult to decipher your password.


Another important means of protecting vital information kept on your smartphone is by ensuring that your operating system is updated to ensure that your smartphone is at its optimal best. This prevents any loopholes that might be exploited by hackers in other to gain authorization to your smartphone. So always make sure that your smartphone operating system is updated.


In conclusion, ensuring that your smartphone is secured from hackers should be of utmost importance to you, particularly when your phone contains vital and confidential data relating to you, and also files that you would want to keep private for personal reasons.

In this era of data theft and cybercrime, it has become pertinent for smartphone users to come up with effective ways of tackling such menace in other to safeguard any vital information stored up in their phones.

So this article is written to enlighten you on some proactive steps and strategies you can adopt, in other to secure your phone from hackers and also prevent people from gaining unauthorized access to important information that is stored in your smartphone.

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