Top 7 Educational PC Games for Students and Adults

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Over the years, parents have been worried about the long hour’s kids spend in front of the screen. The truth is kids are before screens a lot more nowadays, and the trick is to make screen time worthwhile.

As kids and adults, there are lots of games that are not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes. Games that engage students and adults alike and encourage critical thinking and creativity are certainly a plus.

There are many PC games in the market, and browsing through each one to get the beneficial ones could be tasking.  According to Joan Young, a professional essay writer at an academic writing service, “learning is fun when you use the right tools.”

In this article, we put together a list of seven PC games that entertain and educate you. You will find fun games for your students and the best ways to infuse fun into learning. 

Now you are wondering why you need educational games to enhance learning. Before you get down to the best educational games for students and adults, here are reasons why you should include fun in your curriculum.

Improved competitiveness

Organizing game sessions amongst students can improve healthy competition amongst them. 

Students can compete against each other when they play an educational game. If there is a price attached to the contest, students will have good motivation to improve and become better.

You can pair students into groups to teach them how to aid each other and work as a team.

Improved Sense of Strategy

Educational games involve solving problems, puzzles, and planning towards a goal. When you engage students in such games, they figure out intelligent ways to solve problems, pushing their mental cognition to the limit. Thus, educational games are great brain exercises to help students think and act smarter.

Enhance Communication amongst Students

Introducing Educational games in your curriculum will improve the level of communication amongst your students. These games ensure every student participates actively, and this creates a positive environment for learning.

Improved Memory

Students, significantly younger, will learn faster and gain improved memory from playing educational and exciting games. Thus, organizing educational games as a medium of learning will improve the memory of your students. As they play the game, they push to remember and retain the details of the topic. Hence, introducing certain educational games will improve the learning environment in the classroom and enhance the retentive memory of your student.

Outdoor Learning

One of the best ways to introduce outdoor learning to your curriculum is to bring in games that your students will enjoy and play outside. This will help refresh your students and help them learn effectively. However, this will be difficult to introduce for younger students as it will be difficult to control them when they play outside.

Classroom Fun

This is a fundamental reason for introducing educational games in the classroom. Learning can be fun and interactive. Using educational games will help your students loosen up and ultimately have fun. Educational games help release endorphins that stimulate the Brain and give that great feeling to your students. A joyful and happy classroom improves the quality of learning and helps your students relax.

Top 7 Educational PC Games for You

Playing educational games is beneficial for your solution-oriented skills. Below is a list of games that educate you as a student or an adult;


This game website is an exceptional one for school children. It offers a range of games for children from grade K to six on the homepage.

As a user, you can select the grade level of your choice and then choose from multiple types of games. The categories comprise numbers, letters, skills, seasonal games, and thinking games.

This game is free to play, and no account sign-up is needed to play. It works well on both PCs and tablets.


The National Geographic site holds an outstanding reputation for offering high-quality facts and information. You can find exciting and accurate facts on topics like science, animals, ocean life, world cultures, and space.

It is best for students of all age grades. Its games include photographs, videos, and other resources best suited for your entertainment and education.


This game site stands out for its educational features and its imitation of online gaming. It involves activities that let students create characters and go on adventurous quests through a fictional island.

#4. Academics

These games aid in building skills in vocabulary, math, thinking skills, and language arts. It challenges students to boost their skills through time learning tasks and repetition.

This game is safe for students of all games as it protects the personal information of the user.


This game site includes games appropriate for students from kindergarten level to the eighth grade. It offers a wide variety of games that aid in developing math, reading, and literacy skills.

The site offers additional features such as books and comics.

#6. PBS Kids

This game site offers curriculum-based entertainment that covers a variety of topics. It is free to use and doesn’t require an account to set it up.

The varying topics include reading, science, and math. A fantastic feature of this game is that it offers both emotional and social development sessions.

#7. Free Rice

This outstanding game is unique in its entertainment and educational features. The amazing fact about this game is that the United Nations World Food Programme creates it.

It donates grains of rice to the World Food Programme for every correct answer played.

Screen time doesn’t have to be wasteful time. With these games listed above, you can enjoy the fun and educate yourself simultaneously.

With the advancement of technology, a lot of people spend time online. Playing educational games is a great way to improve your creativity and thinking skills as a student and adult. Are you searching for a place to get the best student games? Need something that would be helpful for students and adults? When students realize that academic writing is not their strong side, they search for experts who can assist them with this issue. Some choose expert writing services to get the needed essay help, and others try to master creative writing skills on their own. And, as you can see, even PC games can come in handy.

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