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Hey, you don’t have the PlayStation and want to play Until Dawn PC game?

Then you are in the right place because here I share the complete installation process of it on your windows pc.

Until Dawn is a horror and survival game launched back in 2015 for the PlayStation.

This is the first-person game where a total of 8 characters are available and all of them can survive and even die.

Depends on which option the player chooses and how he plays the game in real-time.

Now this game is not developed for windows or mac pc so we can directly download and play it.

But we have one solution to play Until Dawn on pc and that is to play a game with the PlayStation app available for pc.

Here is a thing you can’t play the until dawn game for free on your windows laptop or computer.

You have to buy the game in the playstation app so ready to pay for this game.

Here I also share features of this game that give you the reason why you should pay and get the until dawn pc game.

If you want to free game then check out the Girls’ Frontline, The Sims Freeplay, Among us, and Happy Color Game.

Those games can be boring for you if you are used to playing the horror game but you can do some time pass with it.

Here we have only one method to download and install the until dawn on our pc and I covered that one.

So now without wasting time let’s discuss how we can install this game on our pc.

How to Install Until Dawn Game on PC?

As I discussed this app is not available on windows or mac stores not even on the android play store.

So the android emulator will not work in this case but yes playstation pc app can do our work here.

First, download the playstation pc app from his official website or clicking on the above button. Let’s discuss the step-by-step process to install the until dawn game on our pc.

  • Install that app on your pc as you install other apps and create your account in that.
  • Next, click on the search bar and search for it until down in the playstation pc app search bar.
  • Here you can see many versions, select the one you want, and click on the add cart button.
  • Complete the buying process by paying the amount of the game and after that, you can install the until dawn pc.

And Done! Now you can play this game on your windows pc without any problem or issue.

To run the playstation game I recommended you at least have 4 GB RAM with a Core i3 processor.

Also, install it on your pc SSD for the best performance and you can connect the control to it also.

This is the complete installation of the until dawn game on our pc now let’s discuss some features of this game.

Until Dawn PC Game Features

Here are some best features of this game and give you the reason why you should buy and play this game.

  • This game is polished in the PS4 in comparison to the PS3 so now you will get a great experience.
  • Graphic of the until dawn game is awesome… Please don’t play if your heart is week.
  • This game is like more you play it more you used to with this game and once you start playing bat me you will addict to it.
  • To play until dawn on pc you have to buy this game but believe me it worth every single penny spent on this.

I can’t explain this game’s features here I can only say that go and play it, you will be understood what I am saying here.

Game FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about this game so check it ours for a quick solution.

Will until dawn be on PC?

Ans. There will not official version of this game that comes for pc. But you can play this game with the help of the playstation pc app.

Is until dawn only for ps4?

Ans. Yes, this game is exclusive for the PS4 and you can’t use it on any other devices directly.

How many GB is until dawn?

Ans. The size of this game is 48 GB and after installation, it will cross the 50 GB.

How do you download until dawn on PC?

Ans. For this, you need the playstation pc app. Here I share the complete installation process so check it out.

I hope all your doubt has been cleared now. If you still have any let me know below in the comment box.


I shared here how you can install the until dawn on pc with the help of the ps app.

Also cover some best features and FAQs of this game to give you more ideas about this game.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions let me know in the comment box.


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