Top 5 Android Applications 2021

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Android is a new device on the market and thousands of Android apps are flooded online. Here we present 5 best Android applications on the market.

1) Android application for home security system

Yes, you say they do, they do. Implementing a home security plan may not be realistic, though. With these useful apps, you can easily control and monitor your home security, and you can also get updates on your phone.

Most of these applications come with an insurance system that can also be used effectively online.

2) Kindle app for Android

You can use the Kindle app for Android to read thousands of books on your phone. In addition, the Kindle app is not only compatible with Android, but also for I-pods on PC.

For most books, you will not be asked to pay a penny. However, there is still much to pay for. You can search all the books in the Kindle Store, which has about 1,000,000 books.

3) Facebook app for Android

Well, when it comes to social media, how do you think about Facebook? For all Facebook users, there is this Android app that you can use to keep in touch with all your friends all the time.

However, if you want to add music to a video before uploading it on Facebook, you will need to use another application. Yes, click for info to understand the app’s learning curve regarding your editing, but it’s worth it.

The page layout is good and the navigation is very good. It supports most Facebook accounts and switching is easy and convenient. Can update status, add friends, share rumors, and much more, and do everything you can from a computer. It is one of the most useful applications, if not the best.

4) Microsoft Office Android application

Only when you think you have the best Android app, will you get something like Microsoft Office app for Android. Surprisingly, this application has many features and options to display MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel files with ease. However, if you are using this type of experiment, you will not be able to edit or create the file. To do this, you have to buy the full model.

Apart from all these features, this application allows you to download Google Docs files as long as it supports protected Office files.

5) Android Instructions

With the help of this search engine optimization Android app, you can search for any system or features that are right for your dish. You will be given complete instructions for the dishes and meals to be handled.

It helps you cook your food well and advises you on adding more flavor. You will also be given special treatment medication.

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