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There are many dating apps available for mobile but not for pc so here I cover Tinder For PC which you can use on your mac and windows.

You just need to create a profile, add details on what you are looking for, and just wait for your perfect match.

There are many online dating apps available on the market. But tinder is known for its popularity and its amazing unique features.

We will talk about the features of the tinder app later in this article. And also tell you the ways by which you can install the tinder app on your pc.

There are many dating apps on the play store for android smartphone users but there is no software designed for pc users.

But we will tell you the exact process with the help of which you can install this tinder app on your pc.

And here we used the same method which we already used in the Mi Home, Danale, Wyze App, and Tile App.

Login with a phone number is a lengthy process as you first have to wait for OTP and then enter all the details manually.

But if you login with your Facebook or Gmail id then your details will be automatically filled and your time will be saved.

That user will see a blue banner under your name and will know that you have super liked them.

So you see there are many amazing features of this tinder app but the question arises on how to install tinder on pc?

I am here to answer this question and tell you all the steps you need to follow to get it installed.

There are two ways to get this app installed but as there is no direct app available for pc you need to install LDPlayer on your pc.

The first method is to install tinder through LDPlayer and the other way is to install through tinder apk.

Install Tinder on Windows PC (Free Dating App)

LDPlayer is an android emulator with the help of which you can run any android app on your pc.

Open the link below and download the LDPlayer installer file and unzip it after downloading it. But to install any app you need to have LDPlayer installed first on your pc. If you still don’t have it installed.

  • You will get two files; LDPlayer installer and tinder apk install the software like you install other.
  • After you install LDPlayer on your pc you will have to set them up using your email id.
  • After getting all these successfully done open play stores which are available on the dashboard and search for the tinder app on pc.
  • Click on the install button to get this app installed on your pc after that open it and sign in to it and start enjoying it.

So this is the complete installation process of this app. Now if you are a mac user and want to install tinder for mac?

Then this is the same process for you to install the app on your macOS.

How to Use Tinder on PC? (Mac App)

The installation process of this app through apk is much easier.

  • After you successfully install and set up LDPlayer click on the three dots and select the apk option from there.
  • Now go to the folder where you have unzipped the downloaded file and select the tinder apk from your pc.
  • After you select the apk it will start installing wait for it to finish and then you can start using it.
  • Before going into the process of installing you should know the various features of this app on pc.
  • Tinder for pc is going to notify you whenever you get a like from someone or get a message or have a match with someone.

The difference between the normal tinder and tinder gold is you will get 5 super likes per day. While in normal tinder you will get only 1 super like a day.

You will get to know everything without even opening the app regularly.

App FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions by this app user and our website visitors so do check it out for more details.

Is there a tinder for PC?

Ans. There is not any official app but you can use it with a website or the help of an android emulator.

Can you use tinder without an app?

Ans. Yes, you can use this app without this app for that visit and login or sign up with your account.

How do I install tinder on my PC?

Ans. For that install the android emulator on your pc and then install this app from the play store and you are ready to go.

These are some questions but still, if you have any let me know in the comment box, I will help you to solve those.

Tinder PC App Features

Here are some best features of this app that help you to get more ideas about this app.

  • Facebook/Gmail login: if you are thinking of using a tinder app on your pc then this means your phone is not near you so you can’t log in with the help of a phone number.
  • Geolocation: This app will show you those contacts which are near to your Geolocation.
  • Chat: the option of chatting is not provided by most dating apps.
  • This app provides you the opportunity to chat after finding a perfect match so that you get to know more about each other.
  • Push notification: notification is one of the most important features of the tinder pc app.
  • Super like: super like increases the chances of getting matched three times, after you super like someone.

These are some best features of this app.


If you are opt-in for tinder on pc gold or tinder plus by paying for the subscription. Then you are going to get many amazing advanced features.

Like boost, rewind last swipe- by which you will be able to rewind someone you have left swiped by mistake.

You will also get unlimited right swipe and no ads will be shown, and many other amazing features.

Tinder is the best online dating app you will know better by reading at the features.

The installation process of the tinder app on your pc is also very simple. All you need to do is follow. The steps mentioned above carefully and you will get it installed.

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