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Hey, do you want to download the Tile App For PC? Then you are in the right place because here you can download Tile on your mac and windows.

The tile app was developed in November 2012 by Mike Farley and Nick Evans, it is best known for its Bluetooth trackers.

You can connect your devices to Tile and can keep track of your belongings.

Tile is a trackers company that connects via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing the owner to use a mobile app to locate his belongings through those trackers.

The company offers a wide range of different trackers like Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim as well as other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Tile’s aim is to link-up all your devices so that you can easily find stuff you lost at home, left at the gym, on a bus, or anywhere else. 

Tile pc app uses Bluetooth low energy to get connected with the devices, all it needs is Bluetooth and some battery.

When a device is in range, simply what you can do is open the app on your mobile, tap the Tile and find it – the Tile then plays a tune so you can find your device. 

If the device is not in the range, one can only see the last location that was registered (taken from your mobile’s location at that point in time), so you can retrace your steps to locate that lost device.

What if you’re no longer in that area? No worries, you can tap the button in the app to notify you when your device is found, and the rest of the Tile community comes into play. 

The location is passed back to you, once the lost item is detected by another tile user. The tile pc app is the same as Danale, Mi Home, and Wyze App.

It’s all anonymous, so the one who finds the device doesn’t know that he has actually found it and one whose device is found doesn’t get to know who detected it. 

You will just get the location passed back to your app so you can go and get your missing belongings.

There are some big brands working with Tile namely Bose, Skullcandy, HP, Xfinity, Monster, Boosted, and many more.

So this was a little overview of the Tile app and I hope you like it. So now let’s see how we can download and install it on our pc or laptop.

Now here is one thing that this app is not available on the windows store so we have to use the android emulator on our pc to install this app.

Download Tile For PC (Windows And Mac)

As I discussed before that we must need an android emulator to install this app so I am going to use LDPlayer here.

First click on the above download button, save the zip and unzip it which includes Tile apk and LDPlayer installer. 

Follow the below installation process to install the Tile on the windows pc.

  • Double click on the installer, install the emulator and complete all sign-in processes as we have done before.
  • Click on the play store icon and search for the Tile app on the pc search bar available there.
  • Look for the official app, select it, and click on the install button to start the installation of the app.
  • Once it is installed you can see the open button and you can start the app by clicking on that button.

Also, after the installation, you can see the Tile app icon on the desktop click on that to start the app.

If you are a mac user and want to download this app on the mac then the process is also the same for you.

Tile PC App Features

Here are some best features of the Tile app which I shared to help you get more ideas of the app.

  • Find your lost things with this amazing product Tile, a Bluetooth device, and a free app that makes everything findable.
  • The Bluetooth devices offered by tile are small and get easily attached to your devices, and help in finding things like keys, wallets, headphones, mobiles, laptops, and many more.
  • Most of the Tile pc app functions are available to you are free – it’s covered in the cost of purchasing the device. 
  • But to get a Premium tier they offer a subscription, which allows you to access some additional features($/£29.99 yearly or $/£2.99 a month)
  • By subscribing one can access a wide range of other features. Enjoy unlimited sharing of Tile devices with friends of the family.
  • Smart Alert that informs you if you’re forgetting something at home which you normally take with yourself while leaving home.
  • 30-day location history so you can keep track of where your Tile has been free battery replacement for the Tile Pro or Mate
  • 3-year warranty on your Tiles pc app and Premium customer care.
  • TILE WORKS WITH SMART HOME by Synchronizing Tile accounts with Alexa App or Google Home app to activate this feature, making finding easier than ever.

So, these are some of the best features of this app and I recommended you download Tile on pc.

Which will give you more ideas on this app and also help you to understand the process.

App FAQs

Check below frequently asked questions to get a simple and short solution to this.

Can I use Tile on my PC?

Ans. Yes, you can use this app on your pc with the help of the LDPlayer android emulator.

Is Tile app ads free?

Ans. Yes, this app gives you a complete ads-free experience even in the free version of the app.

Is Tile available on pc?

Ans. No, this app is not available for pc. Right now, this app is only available on the play store.

These are some frequently asked questions by our visitors and this app user.

If you have any other questions regarding the Tile app then let me know, I will help you to solve them.

I hope you like these if I missed anything let me know in the comment box will add it here.


So, you can use the Tile app on your windows and mac pc as well, if you get any error during the installation then let me know in the comment box.

I will help you to solve it and please share this article if you like it.


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