Realize Your Business Potential With Android Application Development

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Since its inception, the Android software app has seen a steady increase in the number of apps in the Google Play Store. The huge success of Android can be attributed to the large number of customers who embraced these apps worldwide. Based on statistics, the shipping of Android smartphones has grown significantly in recent years. The statement says that Android controlled 73.5% of the market in the 2012/2013 financial year. Recently, well-known research firm IDC said that the market share of Android increased from 73.5% last year to 79.3%. This is good news, especially for companies looking to increase their performance by using tablets and apps.

Android and the marketplace

As a free open source development platform, Android has been used by millions of app developers around the world. As a result of these efforts, many applications have grown, some of which are free, while others are sold at affordable prices. Advances in the development platform have also opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs, Android developers, and customers. Developers have partnered with customers to develop Android applications and social media platforms that will reach many customers. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have invested in Android development and as a result many business applications, games, and other business software.

Why use Android development?

Since the main purpose of any business is to make money, anyone with a business will come up with a plan that will attract the attention of many customers. With the development of their Android, these entrepreneurs are constantly working day and night and the results are visible to everyone. While there are other development platforms like Blackberry, Symbian, and iPhone, these are some of the main reasons to get involved in Android development for your business.

Google Play Store, which currently supports Android apps, is the largest app store and many visitors get it every day. This means that the Android app will reach a larger audience than the developers of the other platform.

2. Android provides good development and is easy to use development software can be used to create custom Android applications and test their performance before uploading for download.

3. Google’s constant updates to Android have made it grow and improve. This allows developers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to develop multiple plans for their business.

4. All these advantages make Android an ideal development application around the world. Developers are also encouraged to design their applications using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to upload to Google Play Store. The large collection of libraries on this platform allows you to create whatever you want. In addition, they have implemented a service that allows developers to transfer apps from other environments such as BlackBerry and iPhone and then turn them into a platform to be used on any device.


If the value of your business reflects freedom, security, user satisfaction and customer satisfaction, value, and diversity, then Android is for you. Finally, entrepreneurs who have never seen the need for mobile devices should think carefully before making a decision.

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