How To Change Folder Color In Windows 11

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A few days back, I came across a situation that shouldn’t have arisen in the first place. Not that I’m an unorganized person, but due to workload and short deadlines, I put all my files on my screen in different folders to save time. The idea is to find the information and data when I need them readily. 

But the folders got mixed up, and my memory didn’t come to my rescue. I had to sacrifice my sleep and download all the data related to my project again. 

That got me thinking…

Only if I had some way to highlight the specific folder by their use, I’d love to see my folders organized by colors like music in red, work as green, movies as yellow, and so on, you get the idea.

The folder colorizer is a game changer!

A quick internet search got me to an app that literally changed how I used to work. The folder colorizer 2 app by Softorino is genuinely a time saver. Now, instead of wasting time opening each folder, I just go straight to the colored folder where I know I have put the data. 

No doubt, Windows 11 has significant improvements in many ways, but unfortunately, it still lacks the native way to color a folder or customize it. 

This innovative Softorino app has a unique user experience. The sense of personalization is just a click away. The simplicity of the detail drew a lot of attention and organic popularity to the product. You’d be surprised to know this simple app has more than five million downloads.


Plus, if you’re a person like me who uses the same device for work and personal use, the folder colorizer app can be of great help.  Also, my screen is now lively and fresh in the most charming way.

Change the folder color in less than a second!

One of the most impressive things about the app is that you can change the folder color in less than a second, well, in 0.67 seconds, to be exact. No burden on the device! 

Now without further ado, let’s dive into how you can make your screen organized in a fun way!


First step: open the Softorino website and download Softorino’s Folder Colorizer. Save it directly to your hard disk.


Now install the program using the installation wizard. Don’t worry about compatibility! The app works for all versions above Windows 7

Just a right click and Hit colorize!

Now that the app is installed, go to the folder you want to change color. Right-click, and you find the option to colorize. 

Choose the color now!

Now it’s time to choose your favorite color. You can get your folders in shades you like, from Aquamarine or Sandy Brown to Light Teal. 


Personalize it!

You can make folders in custom colors too!

The app Folder colorizer includes support for HEX color codes. With the choice of 16 million colors, you can personalize your folder with the exquisite shade that you really love.

To do so, you’ll find the option of “colors” at the bottom— hit it. You’d get a magical color palette, and you can choose any shade you want. 


Once you get the selected shade, simply hit the option “Add Color to Library” and click “Apply.”

There you have it! Even a child can change folder color using the softirno app. 

Since you have the app directly on the hard disk, there is no need to let the app run to keep the new folder colors. The folder colorizer doesn’t affect the computer performance at all.

What if you don’t like the color?

Oh, that’s not a problem!  

Again right-click and select the option “Restore the original color.” Your folder will go back to its default pale yellow!

You can try different colors until you find the one you like the most! With a few tries, you can personalize your screen like me; Work folders in green, personal folders in teal, and music folders in blue! Isn’t this app a lifesaver?

One more thing I love about colorizer is it’s free from any ads or intrusive malware inside. 

The bottom line.

So basically, that’s it! There is no hassle and effortless way of organizing your folders according to their importance or content. I enjoy this fun way to make my screen shower rainbows. 

No doubt the windows are relatively open now, but it still lacks some essential utilities, and changing folder colors is one of them. You can take it like a rented car that you can drive but can’t change its seat covers!

Now that I have told you all about this fantastic app called Folder Colorizer by Softorino, let me know in the comments what colors you have on your screen now?

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