Free Logo Maker Apps: Create Customized Logo Design

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If you want to get details about the best free logo maker applications that would help you customize logo designs, you have landed in the right place. In this article, you are going to find out the details of the best logo maker applications. 

Still, you would also find out the features of the best logo maker app so that you can easily select the perfect utility if you are planning on hunting one yourself. 

Finding the best logo maker applications can be difficult, and this is because there are more than thousands of options available on the web as well as on various application stores. 

First of all, let us have a glance at the features of the top-rated logo maker apps:

  • Logo designing is not an easy job, especially if you don’t have formal design skills. So an online logo maker should be easy to use so that even a layperson can learn how to design a logo without much hassle.
  • An online logo maker should be capable of providing predesigned templates to users and allowing them to customize and personalize the logo designs. 
  • Cost is a very important factor. Conventional logo designing would cost you somewhere between a few hundred and thousand dollars. A logo maker app should provide free or at least affordable services. 
  • The results created by an online logo maker should be unique and attractive. 
  • An online maker application should be capable of creating logos for every platform!

5 Free Logo Maker apps for everyone!

Here are some of the best logo maker applications that anyone and everyone can use!

  • Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

This logo maker app is among the leading logo creators found on the web. This free logo maker android app is best for creating all kinds of logos. The Free Logo Maker Play Store application by Content Arcade Apps is designed in such a way that it can easily be utilized by people who are familiar with professional logo designing and also the ones who have no prior designing experience. This graphics design app has tons of attractive features, and some of them have been listed below for yous:

  • The logo maker is free. You have to register your account with the app to get its free services.
  • The logo maker offers more than twenty different categories of businesses. In each category of business, you would find dozens of free template designs from which you can select the most intriguing one.
  • The logos designs in the templates can easily be customized with text.
  • You can add, remove and change the backgrounds of the logo templates.
  • You can resize text and other elements.

Logo Maker Shop

This logo maker application is another free choice that you can avail of from the application store. You can design a logo from scratch by using the blank Canva or get along with the predesigned templates. There are more than a thousand different template designs available on this app. You can go through all of these designs and pick the one which interests you the most. You can easily customize the text & the elements on the logo template and give it a personalized outlook. This logo maker shop has gained a lot of popularity because the logo designs are modern and sleek in their look. If you want attractive hardcore logos, then you should go for this application.

Makr by Happy Media 

This is another online application that can help you create the best logos without any experience or skills, and that too for free. The working process of this logo maker is quite simple. You have to download the app and go through the different logo design categories. The common categories on this logo maker would include business, weddings, monograms, campus life, events, activities, local, gifts, charity, colors, sports, and Fun. In each category, you would find tens of templates from which you can select the one which suits your brand & requirements the most. The selected logo template can be edited and customized as per your choice. You can also add your pictures and customized shapes to the template. The final logo design can be downloaded in PNG format!


The famous read-rocks apps create this free logo maker application. This is an amazing utility both in terms of its cost and its use. Suppose you don’t know anything about logo designing and want to get the best logos best on icons. In that case, this is the best logo designer application. There are many different types of logos that you can build for your brand. Still, icona only has expertise in creating designs that are based on shapes and icons!


Canva is a famous graphic designing application that you can use on any device because of its universal compatibility and availability. This is a very easy-to-use app that allows you to design a logo in two different ways. You can rely on the free templates offered by Canva, or you can also show your skills on the blank canvas. This free logo maker app is best for both personal and commercial uses!

These are some of the free logo makers that would help you customize designs!

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