App Submission

Before submission, please read the following instructions carefully.
  1. No Malware or Harmful Content: Apps must not contain malware, viruses, or any harmful code that could harm users' devices or data.
  2. No Adult Content: Prohibit apps that contain explicit adult content, including nudity, sexual content, or graphic violence.
  3. Original Content: Apps must not infringe on copyright or intellectual property rights. Only submit original content or apps with proper licensing.
  4. Permission: Developers must have the necessary permissions to use any third-party content, trademarks, or logos in their apps.
  5. User Privacy: Apps must respect user privacy. They should disclose data collection practices, and users should have control over their data.
  6. Secure Data Handling: Apps must securely handle user data and implement encryption where necessary.
  7. Regular Updates: Developers must be responsible for providing regular updates to address security vulnerabilities.
  8. App Description: To submit the app successfully, you must submit a detailed description of the application. The description must be unique, and plagiarism-free. AI-written content will not be published. Use proper titles, headings and Images.
If you need more info, please write us at [email protected].