Android L vs iOS 8 – A Comprehensive comparison

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What does not want an introduction about the competition between iOS and Android smartphones. While the apps and software provided by the Android and iOS operating systems are very different from each other, world-renowned customers are greatly affected by any release from these heroes. While iOS devices are well-known for modern smartphones, Android OS has made it possible for people to access all the advanced technologies at affordable prices.

Every time new devices from each of the manufacturers are introduced in the market, the whole world enthusiastically compares between them. This process has been followed for the past few years and is unlikely to end anytime soon. With the release of Android L and iOS 8 next fall, this competition is expected to get new updates and the famous battle between the two devices will be a success.

Given this ongoing controversy, how can we avoid defining ourselves between Android L and iOS 8? Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Android L (works on Nexus 5) and iOS 8 (works on iPhone 5S).

Lock on the front of house

Looking at the Android L lock screen, it went through some commendable changes. Before we went down the screen from the top so we could read the screen, but now we can see the screen in the middle of the screen. This feature shows that some methods have been used from iOS. By double clicking on the icon on the Android L, the application type will start and reject it, all you have to do is swipe it around. When swiping can be used on iOS 8 to reply to an email or mark it as RETURN. These features are right on the Android L and iOS 8.

Contacts, keyboard, dialer

The keyboard on Android L has been redesigned, but overall, it’s different from the keyboard we’ve always used on Android devices. Things like auto fixes, smiles, and predictions are all key features of Android L. But Apple has put in some popular predictions in iOS 8. The knowledge and purpose of the conversation is actually an algorithm realized, which offers some really smart predictions.

The Android L app has gone through some commendable changes. All the contacts now appear are at the bottom of the screen, allowing them to access them quickly. Meanwhile, searches and recent contacts are on the rise. On the other hand, there is no change in the phone app on iOS 8, which is understandable. However, Apple is leading the way here for features like blocking text messages and calls from required contacts.

Multitasking, display panel, quick control

The Android L has done a commendable job of ranking them as their top priority. The most important ones are included in the rest. For example, all emails are currently placed at the top, and updates are displayed below. However, Apple has taken a more structured approach and by lowering the display sheet, the weather forecast will be displayed on a regular basis. The current status is edited separately and the order in which they are listed can be changed by going to Device Settings.


On Android L, the Google Camera app is used as before. This app is available from the Play Store. This application does not require an introduction and is known for its easy-to-use interface. The Android L camera was rotated to satisfy all the staff. On the other hand, the iOS 8 camera has some great features that should be improved. Writing time, focus management, personal time, and self-disclosure are some of the iOS 8 functions.


These are some of the things we compare. Anyway, Android L and iOS 8 will undergo some changes before the release date. It is entirely up to the users to decide which smartphone they want to invest in. If we look at the current situation, Android and Apple will be different again.

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