10 features that make iOS 9 exciting and unique

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Apple has closed all speculations and rumors about iOS 9 by releasing a new version of its operating system on September 16. iOS version 9 is compatible with iPod touch (5th generation) as well as iPhone 4S and higher, iPad 2 and above, and iPad mini models all.

IOS 9 Expected Features – Expectation From Rumour Mill

1) Big thing on iPad

Apple included multiple support on iOS 9 to allow iPad users to open two apps at once. They can select the “View” option which allows them to open an application on the left side of the screen while running other applications on the right side. They also have another option called “Slide Over” which allows easy to move and switch from one application to another quickly and easily.

2) intelligence

Apple is trying to make iPhones and iPads smarter than with something new called intelligence. The feature, sourced from Google Now, offers better searches and pointless suggestions even before a user does anything. For example, every time users start browsing the web; Intelligence will automatically display people, places, stories, and applications based on your work.

3) Hello Siri

When using iOS 9, users can activate Siri just by saying “Hey Siri.” So now they can run Apple’s self-help service anywhere and anytime without pressing any buttons. However, Apple wants the device to recognize the user’s voice and activate Siri after their voice has been confirmed.

4) Easy to set up iCloud

When using iOS 8, many users find it difficult to access iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service. IOS 9 makes it easy for them to access iCloud by creating shortcuts on the home screen. The user can now simply create a shortcut by going to Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive, and then click the “Show on Home screen” toggle. Thus, users can access the files stored in iCloud directly from the home screen of their device.

5) Find a transfer route

The development of the mobile phone seems to be promising because iOS 9 comes with better Apple Maps which includes many features provided by Google Maps. Apple Maps can now provide access for users in some countries. Users can use the option to collect information about buses, trains, boats, train stations and other public transportation. The app defines the route as the user travels and at the same time allows you to collect information about where to buy or eat from the ‘Neighbor’ service.

6) Apple Pay in wallet

The Apple Pay upgrade service installed on iOS 9 allows users to pay with their credit cards easily and securely. Apple Pay supports credit cards of well-known stores as Discover shows. Apple has changed the name of Passbook to Wallet. Users can access wallets on their devices just by pressing the Home button.

7) Increased safety

IOS 9 comes packed with many features to keep a user’s Apple ID and their device safe. Even the latest version of the operating system requires users now to use a six-digit code to make their passcode secure and unbreakable.

8) Android Transfer

IOS 9 makes it easy for users to switch from Android devices to iPhones or iPads. They can use Move on iOS apps to switch from Google’s mobile operating system to Apple’s mobile platform. The app makes it easy for users to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, email accounts, wallpapers and web beacons from an Android device.

9) CarPlay

IPhone developers got an interesting feature from Apple that included CarPlay and iOS 9 to make car apps easier. CarPlay allows users to connect an iPhone or iPad to a cable that supports wireless connectivity. It can be compatible and work well with automated office applications.

10) Notes on messaging app

Apple has updated several apps to provide a better user experience. IOS 9 includes a new dashboard, which can be viewed as a current messaging app.

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